District 6 Thespians
District 6 Thespian Festival 2011!

October 14 -15th, 2011

Registration window is from September 16- 23rd, 2011

Conflicts, Drops & Adds is from October 1-2nd, 2011

Will become live October 1st at 8:00am

Registration Instructions

Here we go.

(Please note you will NOT be able to access from school. There is NOTHING I or the state can do about this. You will need to contact your county's IT to access for permission to view the site OR you will have to register from home. I KNOW this is a huge inconvenience, but its not going to change. Sorry. And when it's time to register for state you will run into the SAME problem so plan accordingly.)

Step 2. Open and Save the attachment. You will find your school, your email, and your password. This is the only way you can log in.

(Please remember it is District and State policy that only Sponsors have access to Registration. I will also not deal directly with students in regards to issues, conflicts, questions, or scheduling.)

Step 3. Register your school, your performers, observers, etc.

Step 4. Fill out the Payment Form, print and give to your bookkeeper.

(Mr Gust does not have this part finished for us yet online. I have attached last year's pdf for you to fill out, print and give to your bookkeeper.)

Step 5. Breathe a sign of relief.

Step 6. We will post the schedule for proofing in December. Please do NOT send us any changes, drops, explanations, etc BEFORE the 48 hour window. Changes/drops can only happen during the WINDOW. Changes after the window will not be allowed. Any drops must done at the Registration table at Districts. You will be assessed a fee per drop.

DISTRICT SIX MEGA FESTIVAL GENERAL INFORMATIONThis year’s District One Act Festival and District IE Festival will be held at Cypress Lake High School on Friday, October 14th and Saturday, October 15th. It is hosted by Cypress Lake HS. The 1st Draft Individual Event and One Act schedule will be posted on the website October 1st & 2nd for you to proof and review. Below you will find pertinent information regarding our District Mega Festival, October 14th and 15th. As the time draws near, be sure to make last minute plans to schedule busses, organize observers, check for last minute conflicts, and arrange for chaperones (State law requires one adult per 15 students not including Sponsors. Male chaperones must accompany male students and vice versa.) You may register and pay for nametags for observers and chaperones at the Registration Table both Friday and Saturday. Also, please refer to the State Website: www.flthespian.com for ALL rules and guidelines.**DEADLINE FOR CHANGES/DROPS: A PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE WILL BE ON THE WEBSITE FOR YOU TO PROOF, October 14TH & 15TH. DROPS MADE AFTER OCTOBER 2ND BY MIDNIGHT WILL ASSESSED A $100 DROP FEE FOR ONE ACTS AND I.E. DROPS WILL BE ASSESSED A $10 DROP FEE PER DISTRICT RULE.

DROPS/CHANGEPlease go through the schedule VERY carefully with a fine toothed comb checking for all of your students and their time/rooms. We were unable to make a break down for each school this year due to the new scheduling procedures.  GENERAL GUIDELINES

1.                 Name Tags will be distributed to all sponsors, students and chaperones at Registration– every person attending the festival must wear a name tag with their health forms inside. All sponsors must have a cell phone/pager (on vibrate) with them at all times.

2.                Question/Problems. If there are any questions, challenges, conflicts, PLEASE email/call Jennifer Kelly at (941) 626-0688 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (941) 626-0688      end_of_the_skype_highlighting - d6thespians@gmail.com

3.                Behavior. It is the responsibility of each Troupe Sponsor to go over expectations, appropriate behavior, guidelines, performance rules, and theatre etiquette with their students BEFORE arriving at Districts. Attending the District Festival is a privilege and students are to be ACTIVE participants (attending workshops, observing performances, and performing). “Hanging out” in the hallways, courtyard and grassy areas is unacceptable. All Sponsors have the authority to “pull badges” of students behaving inappropriately. Sponsors will be contacted immediately to handle behavioral issues.

4.                Rules. It is the responsibility of the Troupe Sponsor to thoroughly read, understand, explain/teach, and enforce the Florida State guidelines (www.flthespian.com) with their students. Please also be familiar with all the new changes, “New for 2011-12”


 ONE ACT GUIDELINESTroupes are NOT required to perform a One Act in order to attend both days of the festival… all Troupes are strongly recommended to support the work of their fellow Thespians.

1.                Scenery must fit in your designated 6’ x 9’ space. Nothing may stack over 6’.

2.                Time. Maximum time is 40 minutes included set up and strike. Running overtime calls for disqualification AND performances will be stopped at 45 MINUTES.

3.                Attendance. Each participating school MUST attend at least two (2) of the other performances so as not to jeopardize their chance for competing at State.

4.                Technical Concerns. If there are any Technical concerns/questions, PLEASE email Jason Loete, Cypress Lake Center for the Arts, at "Loete, Jason" <JasonDLoe@LeeSchools.Net>

5.                One Act Guidelines/Rules. http://www.flthespian.com

6.                Adjudication Sheets. (Provided) Adjudication sheets will be PROVIDED for your one act.


1.                Rules. It is very important that your students review the rules for their Individual Event (http://flthespian.com/individualevents/rules_critiques.htm). Judges should be free to judge for quality of performance and not have to “police” performances for following the rules.

2.                Adjudication Sheets. (Not provided) It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the Troupe Sponsor to provide THREE adjudication sheets for each event. Appropriate and complete information should be provided. Sheets can be downloaded at: http://www.flthespian.com/Individual_Events/IE%20Critiques.pdf (Adobe Acrobat required).

3.                Scripts. All acting events will be required to show proof of their scripts at their time of performance. These may be copies. If a student advances to state, these scripts will be required AGAIN at the State Festival in April.

4.                Musical Numbers. This is a reminder to make arrangements for accompaniment for your Musical pieces (either a pianist or pre-recorded tape/cd). Remember- NO background vocals on accompaniment tapes (automatic disqualification)! Players & keyboards provided.

5.                No clap rules- Reminder: there is a “no clap” policy in all rooms to minimize disruptions. Audience members are to show applause by waving hands or "mime" clapping. Observers are also asked to remain quiet between pieces.

6.                Cafeteria Lock Down. The Cafeteria will be locked during the morning and afternoon sessions. Tables will be set up in the lobby of the auditorium for your troupe to keep important items that are needed throughout the day. Please remind your students not to bring valuable items with them.

 WHAT TO EXPECT -- ONE ACTS (Friday Afternoon & Saturday Morning)Registration for Friday One Acts are in the AUDITORIUM LOBBY from 10 AM –5:00 PM. Sponsors are encouraged to complete their registration process on Friday EVEN if they are not performing. Nametags, shirts, programs and schedules will be distributed, important updates given, and drops finalized. Troupes presented one acts on Friday must be checked in and registered BEFORE their scheduled Stage Manager’s Meeting or they will be disqualified. Please plan ahead accordingly.Please observe specific times for your session (ie- Stage Manager’s Mtg, Dressing Room times, etc). A Sponsor/Directors and the Stage Manager must plan to attend the mandatory SM Meeting for your allocated Session. After the meetings, sound/light technicians will be permitted to spend time with the House operators in the Tech Booth.Rough estimates for One Act Session Times are as follows - Session I will run Friday from 12 pm - 4:45 PM. Session II will run Friday from 5:30 - 8 PM. Session III will run Saturday from 9 AM - 11:30 AM on SATURDAY. Depending on the length of each one act, this schedule is subject to change!Meals will be available to purchase for a nominal charge. Please remind your students that there is absolutely NO eating or drinking anywhere in the theatre. On Friday, lunch and dinner will be offered (depending on how many one acts are registered and how long the day is), and on Saturday breakfast, lunch, and will be held in the cafeteria.Cypress Lake Center for the Arts stagehands are there to assist with safety and direct traffic. During load in/load out times ONLY, your troupe is responsible for taking your set from the truck, to the off-stage 6’ X 9’ boxes. You may not stack set/props higher then 6’. We ask that ALL students dress as stagehands. No students will be permitted on the loading dock with shoes that do not cover the entire foot (no flip flops/open backs, or sandals). Avoid baggy clothing, long hair hanging loose, or skirts. **The Loading Dock Supervisor maintains the right to ask a student to sit out during loading/unloading.**For your one act experience, all schools will be assigned a Student Liaison who will be responsible for your troupe. They will provide a tour of the facility, answer your questions, and guide you throughout the day. Please make every effort to include your Liaison and allow them to direct you through the festival.A Dressing Room will be provided for your troupe. You may not enter your Dressing Room until your designated time (at the beginning of the one-act that precedes your scheduled performance.) You are responsible for providing and distributing your own programs (plan for 100-250 audience members).Fifteen minutes of oral adjudication will immediately follow your performance. Immediately after your performance is completed, return your items to your designated box, gather your cast and crew, and follow your liaison backstage to await your adjudication. Adjudication will happen upstairs in the lobby. At the end of the day Saturday, judges will acknowledge students for some of the following awards: All Star Cast Members, Best Tech, Best Costumes, Best Scenery, Best Ensemble, etc AND announce the District One Acts who have earned Superior Ratings. Lastly, our District chair will announce which schools will represent District 6 at the Florida State Thespian Festival in April.WHAT TO EXPECT -- INDIVIDUAL EVENTS (Saturday ONLY)Please plan to arrive between 6:45 – 7:45 AM. Registration is from 6:45 – 8:30 AM ONLY. You must arrive before Registration closes. Sponsors and one assistant only will be permitted into the lobby. All others must head to the Cafeteria. (If you already registered on Friday, you will only need to sign in.) Breakfast is in the CAFETERIA from 7 – 8:30 AM. A mandatory Running Crew Meeting will be held at 8 AM for all students working as Doorkeepers, Timers, Running Crew, and Tally Room/Runners (If your school is responsible for any of these jobs, please plan your schedule accordingly). Everyone else will attend Opening Ceremonies in the auditorium at 8:30 AM. All events begin after 9 AM.Events in all categories will be taking place throughout the Performing Arts Building at North Port HS and in numerous classrooms in a nearby building. Students should plan to arrive in their performance rooms 20 minutes prior to their scheduled time. No shows will be fined as drops at $10 each. Students are responsible for distributing their Critique Sheets and presenting their scripts (acting events only) to the judges before performing.We currently have numerous workshops lined up- such as: Improv, Stage Management, Mime, Dance, and Musical Theatre. These are great classes provided by qualified instructors. Please encourage your students to plan their days accordingly and attend these great workshops!
As we did last year, we will provide a Tally Room for all Sponsors (and only sponsors) to pick up the results throughout the day. In addition to picking up Critique Sheets, you will receive ribbons for Excellents and Superiors for your students to wear during the day. If you were NOT at the Fall Sponsors Meeting, contact Jennifer Kelly about ordering Thespian Letterman Jacket Excellent/Superior Pins (they are REALLY nice!!) Pins will also be available for purchase at the Festival in the Tally Room. Schools can be invoiced for bulk orders over 20.As decided at our Fall Sponsor’s Meeting, we will now be holding a Dinner Break from 4:30 – 6 PM in the Cafeteria. Closing Ceremonies/Final Results will be held from 6:30 – 8 :30 PM. All troupes will be given an opportunity to showcase their “best” piece, and a panel of judges will select which performance should represent District 6 at the Florida State Thespian Festival Opening Ceremonies. Please have your Closing Ceremonies submission and music (if applicable) turned into Registration by 4:30 PM and have performers report to the backstage area by 5:30 PM.

District 6 Scholarship Form 2011/2012

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